2013 Calgary International Spoken Word Festival

Greetings! O-Spoken Word Lovers & X-Dream Thinkers~ Welcome to the 10th annual Spoken Word Festival Poetry Party Beyond Belief!

Come Celebrate with us in quixotic Duende. Bring in the daffodil of spring with the soul of Tin Tin—and avant-garde bling, 10 years—lets mark this thing—together in merriment and spirit and poetry erelong and lets sing our song to the sky till she cries no more. Let’s howl—MMXIII bebop to the core! So come and converse!

The 10th annual Calgary Spoken Word Poetry Festival will take place April 06- April 29—with 40 events / Workshops / DEB talks / Electronic Experimentation / Live Streaming / Blog & Social Media / Panels / Launches / Special Events / French & Spanish Voices / Insta-Translations / Golden Beret Award / Collaborations & Tributes /Slams / Open Mics / Featuring 100 Artists.



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