Dogwood Rose Events

New online reading series where two provinces join voices, working together to build connections and give artists performance opportunities.

#1: January 31, 2021

Join us with Weyman Chan, Christine Lowther, aloT of Poetry, Billeh Nickerson, & Johnny Trihn.
MC: Sheri-D Wilson.

#2: February 28, 2021

Join us with George Bowering, Diana E. Hayes, Sandra Sutter, Fred Wah, & Brandon Wint.
MC: Sheri-D Wilson.

#3 March 28th, 2021

Join us with Larissa Lai, David Martin, Malcolm Mooney, Aislinn Hunter & Tawahum Bige.
MC: Billeh Nickerson.

#4: May 30th, 2021

Join us with Joseph A. Dandurand, Micheline Maylor, Natalie Meisner, Yvonne Trainer, Tom Weyman
MC: Sheri-D Wilson

#5: September 19, 2021

Join us September 19 w/ Qurat Dar, Erin Dingle, Jaymee Mak, Lucia Misch, Adrian Neblett, Zach Polis, RC Weslowski. MC: Johnny Trinh & Sheri-D Wilson.

#6: October 31, 2021

Join us for a special Halloween Edition of Dogwood Rose on October 31 with an Samhain Scary Poem Reading open mic. MC: Sheri-D Wilson.

#7: December 26, 2021

Join us for a special Boxing Day & Open Mic Edition of Dogwood Rose on December 26 with Weyman Chan, Kirk Miles, and Sabrina Samuel. MC: Sheri-D Wilson.