Funnier than #$@! & Hotter than Hell


Funnier than #$@! & Hotter than Hell
April 2, 2009 – Auburn Saloon (#163 – 115 9th Ave SE)
8:00 pm, $10

Regie Cabico (Washington DC) • Billeh Nickerson (Toronto) • evalyn parry (Toronto) • RC Weslowski (Vancouver) • Cory Mack (Calgary) • Ali Riley (Nanton)

MC: Chantal Vitalis

Is it possible to die of laughter? These readers will blow the roof off the saloon! The show-stopping Regie Cabico joins the caustic Billeh Nickerson, RC Weslowski’s clownmouthed x-ray visions, the prairie sass’n frass of Cory Mac, evalyn parry’s social observation, and the sexy twists-and-poetic-flips of the Nanton’s seminal Ali Riley. Postshow DJ Sublight spins hot danceables!