Mary Pinkoski

Mary Pinkoski Picture | Omniverse Project

Mary Pinkoski, 5th Poet Laureate of the City of Edmonton (2013-2015), is an internationally-recognized poet, arts and museum educator, and doctoral student at the University of Alberta. In 2019, she was Edmonton Public Library Regional Writer in Residence. Mary’s poetry has appeared in multiple anthologies. She was the 2011 Canadian National Spoken Word Champion and the national winner of the 2008 CBC National Poetry Face-off. In 2015, Mary was recognized as an Edmonton Top 40 Under 40 and was awarded a University of Alberta Alumni Horizon Award for her poetry work in the Edmonton community, in particular for facilitating poetry workshops and her creation of the City of Edmonton’s Youth Poet Laureate role. Mary continues to perform across the country and to provide dynamic and engaging workshops for writers of all ages and experiences. Her debut collection of poetry will be published with Write Bloody North.


History Prompt

Name the river you are stepping into.

Find a writing community that you can be a part of and learn its history.

Consider your own writing and how it is influenced by your community and as creative leaders, your location, and the history of this particular place.

Consider what your role will be in contributing to the whole of your writing community.

Take notes, read them often to remind yourself that you belong.

Craft & Writing

Craft & Writing Prompt

Entering and exiting the rivers Edie.

Find a poem that you have already written. Read it out loud at least five times. Are there parts that you are in love with? Highlight those pink for love.

Are there parts that come off your tongue so smoothly? It’s like second nature. Highlight those blue for running water.

Are there parts that twisted your tongue into bends that you couldn’t articulate? Highlight those green for growth.

Are there parts you didn’t enjoy at all? Highlight those yellow for caution.

Now rework the poem. Keep the pink lines, keep the blue lines, reword the green lines, and rewrite the yellow lines. Repeat the process of reading and reworking until your page is just a small spectrum of blue and pink and you’re ready to share it with your writing community.


Performance Prompt

Calling forth the stories out of the rivers mouth.

What are the stories that are inside you waiting to burst from your throat? Find a space.

Step up to the microphone and share that story inside of you.