Malcolm Mooney

Malcolm Mooney Picture | Omniverse Project

Malcolm Mooney is an artist, poet, singer and lyricist, and one of the most celebrated figures in contemporary music circles. He was the original vocalist with a seminal late-1960s-70s German band and his recordings with Can remain among the most influential of the past fifty years. Malcolm Mooney has performed his music and exhibited his artwork extensively over the past forty years; most recently with gigs in Paris, New York, London, and Los Angeles and shows at White Columns Gallery in NYC, Kyle Marks, Calgary, AB, 2020, and the Aspen Museum, Aspen CO, 2021. His latest music productions include “Pavees Dance,” released in 2019, a project with Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley and others, currently in postproduction, “Consketeons” with Alexis Marcello and “Motherless” Children with Ava Mendoza, available on Bandcamp. Malcolm Mooney has a BFA from Boston University and an MFA from California State Los Angeles; he is an instructor of abstract painting at Alberta University of the Arts.