Louise Bernice Halfe

Louise Bernice Halfe (Photo credit: Library of Parliament) Picture | Omniverse Project
Photo credit:
Library of Parliament

Louise Bernice Halfe, is a Cree poet and social worker from Canada. Halfe’s Cree name is Sky Dancer. At the age of seven, she was forced to attend Blue Quills Residential School in St. Paul, Alberta. Halfe signed with Coteau Books in 1994 and has published four books of poetry: Bear Bones & Feathers (1994), Blue Marrow (1998/2005), The Crooked Good (2007) and Burning in this Midnight Dream (2016). Halfe uses code-switching, white space, and the stories of other Cree women in her poetry. Her experience at Blue Quills continues to influence her work today. Halfe’s books have been well-received and have won multiple awards.

In 2021, Halfe was appointed as the new Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate.