Johnny Trinh

Johnny Trinh Picture | Omniverse Project

Johnny D Trinh ( MFA, is an interdisciplinary, spoken word artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Johnny is the founder and artistic producer of: Stage To Page Performance Society (, bringing cross-disciplinary mentorship to help spoken word poets grow. Johnny’s pedagogy is rooted in the constant goal of fostering a sense of empowerment, agency, and compassion through socially engaged, community based art. Johnny recognizes that many of us are uninvited settlers on this Indigenous Turtle Island, and continually works to negotiate that through accountability, solidarity, and integrity of practice. Johnny is member of the League of Canadian Poets, multi-year tournament director and finalist for the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam, and alumni of the Banff Spoken Word Residency. “It takes a community to build an artist… whether we are nurtured by it, or resist against it.”