Cat Kidd

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Best known for poems that cross zoology with personal narrative, Catherine Kidd is also author of the novel Missing the Ark and the Catherine Kidd  that cross zoology with

A formative figure in Montreal’s spoken word scene since the early 90’s, Cat Kidd is best known for her zoology-inspired performance poetry. Her multimedia solo shows have been featured at such venues as Toronto Harbourfront’s World Stage, the National Museum of Singapore, and the Spier Arts Poetry Festival in Cape Town, SA. She is author of three poetry collections, Sea Peach, Bipolar bear, and Hyena Subpoena, which was nominated for Quebec and national awards. The first chapter of her novel Missing the Ark was shortlisted for a Journey Prize. Catherine lives in an old house with her mum and a pigeon, where she’s currently at work on a selective memoir called Rock Dove.


History Prompt

Voice issues from activated lineage.

Repairing the rifts between generations is palpable magic, a poet may become adept at.

Craft & Writing

Craft & Writing Prompt

Take a walk, notice a pattern, the initial iteration sings, then repeats itself in plated chords.

Pay attention to the way the pattern repeats and how it breaks.

Collect up the broken pieces, reassemble them however you like.


Performance Prompt

Try selling your worst trials as a comedy routine.

Often the more briefly a story is told the funnier it is.