School of Thought: Languages Lost & Found

There were 8 events which brought poets and social activists together to share ideas and exchange perspectives with the ‘audience.’ The ‘audience’ were invited to take part in the discussion circle.

Part I:
Between April 19 – 21, there were evening presentations at Wine-Ohs, where poets were invited to present work based around the concept of Languages: Lost & Found. The intention was to focus the group thought on one specific idea. From this focused intension, the poets developed their own philosophical point-of-view, and poetical discoveries, which they then unfolded into discussions (Part II). The poets involved in will also be participants in the weekend events.

Part II:
On the weekend, April 22 – 24, we expanded to Festival Hall for a workshop and discussion circle – a salon of ideas. All presentations were followed by discussions. The entire process was interactive and live-streamed.



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