Saturday Night: Live To the Web

Pres. w/: Single Onion

Saturday Night: Live To the Web
April 5, 2014 – Wine-Ohs (811, 1 Street SW)
8:00 pm, $15

David Bateman (Toronto) • Mary Pinkoski (Edmonton) • Robert Priest (Toronto) • Mike McGee (Bellingham) • Alexis O’Hara (Montréal)

MC: Billeh Nickerson (Vancouver)

Words, licks, phrases & riffs; poetry and music shifts. Harmonization! Spectacular Vernacular – An orgy of the Oracular! A night to take in—magical with humour (likely a lot of humour) and soul. Billeh Nickerson will MC with Poetry Pops! And DJ Sublight will take us all the way home!