Montréal Night in Canada


Montréal Night in Canada
April 2, 2014 – Wine-Ohs (811, 1 Street SW)
8:00 pm, $15

Moe Clark (Montréal) • Kaie Kellough (Montréal) • Cat Kidd (Montréal) • Alexis O’Hara (Montréal) • Gisèle Villeneuve (Montréal) • Mireille Perron (Montréal)

Hailing from Canada’s bilingual cultural hub, this quadruplicate of poets brings a distinct mix of English, French, and Frenglish. You will smell the fresh croissants, and the warm bagels hot out of the oven and ready to dip in your french cream cheese. You may wonder why you crave smoke meat, and more. These artists are some of the best in Canada—Mais Oui! And DJ Sublight will spin for your listening pleasure.