A Poetic Experience * Performance * Panel

3 events:

  • June 29: An experiential performance
  • June 30: A panel discussion about surrealism
  • July 23-27: A weeklong poetry/performance intensive for youth

e-Zine created from experiential performance

POETROLOGY: Poetry & Performance: What inspires you?

Petrology means, the branch of science concerned with the origin, small-scale structure, and composition of rocks’.

Poetrology means, a branch of poetry concerned with the origin, the stories and the composition of a community. An examination of what creates the fabric of a community through the stories of its people.

Where you see the word POETROLOGY
you find the opportunity, for poetry!

Where you see the word POETROLOGY
you will find an event that will inspire you to live in ‘poetry head,’
sometimes you will hear poets say poetry,
other times you will be inspired to write your own poetry.

Where you see the word POETROLOGY
you will find Poet Laureate Sheri-D Wilson, and a Poetry Posse.

This is your chance to participate!