The Spoken Word Workbook

This is the Go-To resource for Spoken Word Poetry

Imagination + Writing + Performance + History + Storytelling

Explore the history of spoken word and oral story telling traditions as you work your way through this collection of insightful and instructive essays, poems, and exercises. We have invited twenty-seven top professional spoken word artists to each submit three interactive exercises intended to explore specific facets of the art of spoken word. These exercises address history, writing, and performance–and will help lead the reader/participants on a creative journey of self discovery.

This cutting-edge website will take your students on a journey of poetic discovery. Through one-on-one prompts, 27 well-known poets appear as pop-ups to give their lessons electronically. The lessons include every aspect of Spoken Word: its History, Composition, and Performance in styles like Dub, Hip Hop, Jazz, Storytelling, and Slam.